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I’m so technically unsavvy that my 18 year old daughter is walking me through setting this up…but that’s okay, because I’m so excited to be doing this! I’m bound and determined to talk about massage and everything it can do for a person.

First off a little about myself. My name is Kitty, and I am a massage therapist in Lakewood, Colorado that specializes in structural integration, which means that I’m all about POSTURE! I’ve even infected my kids with the posture bug so they actually notice when someone is walking around with a locked up sacrum or hyperkyphosis in their upper back. In fact, just yesterday, my 16 year old said,”He’s got a weird gait,” referring to a teenager that was walking on the sidewalk. Oh well.

My goal is to infect you with the posture bug too, mostly when you’re looking at yourself in a storefront window, or sitting in a bucket seat and you notice that you are not in balance, and maybe you even feel a little tweak in your back, or maybe a big shooting pain in your neck, or sciatica in your butt…you get the idea.

I’m also into nutrition, herbs, essential oils, natural movement, the barefoot movement and, well, anything else that rocks my world. So, as I post blogs, I hope you will get something out of them and comment on them so we can exchange information. I love that–exchanging information with real people.

So thanks for being here.

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